Perfect treatment begins with reliable diagnostics

We dedicated ourselves to provide you the best disease diagnostic tools with the cutting edge technology

Rapid Tuberculosis
Easy to use decontamination and concentration kits. Automated rapid mycobacterium culture systems.
Practical Diagnosis for Infectious Diseases Feconomics: Stool parasite concentration kits. Bioprosafe: Kits for quantitative cultures.
Observable Real Time Electrophoresis All in one device allows observation of molecules during the run. Does not use U.V. and ethidium bromide.

Our aim is to create...

A better world through providing access to reliable diagnostics for choosing the right treatment. We are working meticulously to discover and achieve technological improvements to offer you diagnostic tools which are fast, easy to use, accurate, reliable and cost efficient.

FAST We design our products to help you to save time with efficient handling and allow on-the-spot usage.
EASY Our products are ready-to-use requiring the least expertise to reach the results.
RELIABLE Well thought reliable procedures offer you increased safety combined wih accuracy.
LOW-COST We offer you smart and cost efficient solutions without sacrificing reliability and efficiency.

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