We develop smart and reliable diagnosis tools and productsSmart and reliable diagnosis tools and products have received worldwide attention especially in diagnosis of tuberculosis. You can check our products for more detailed information.

ORTE® ORTE® Observable Real Time Electrophoresis The first and only Real Time Electrophoresis System that combines power supply, electrophoresis and gel documentation in a single instrument. Details
MycoProSafe® MycoProSafe® Decontamination & Concentration Kit Mycoprosafe is a kit that contains all the materials needed to safely perform the Kubica decontamination and concentration method. Details
Decomics® Decomics® Decontamination & Concentration Kit The gold standard method for the diagnosis of tuberculosis is culture. Due to slow-growing nature of Mycobacterium tuberculosis... Details
Decocent® Decocent® Decontamination & Concentration Kit Decocent is a kit that enables to apply an improved version of Kubica decontamination and concentration method.  Details
Helicheck® Helicheck® Rapid Urease Test The fastest rapid qualitative test that identifies urease activity in gastric biopsy specimens. Details
Feconomics® Feconomics® Economical Fecal Concentrator The most simple and the fastest way of diagnosis of intestinal parasite infections is the microscopic examination. Details
TK Culture System TK Culture System Mycobacterial Culture System TK Culture System is the most advanced and practical rapid culture system for isolation of mycobacteria, drug susceptibility testing and species differentiation. Details
FAST We design our products to help you to save time with efficient handling and allow on-the-spot usage.
EASY Our products are ready-to-use requiring the least expertise to reach the results.
RELIABLE Well thought reliable procedures offer you increased safety combined wih accuracy.
LOW-COST We offer you smart and cost efficient solutions without sacrificing reliability and efficiency.

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